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In order for MC Filter to be a reputable and successful organization and to achieve the determined targets, human health, operational safety and environmental protection are always at the forefront; All employees and supplier companies are expected to comply with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards in a determined, meticulous and uncompromising manner.

The basic principle of MC Filter is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction in filter design, manufacture and sale, and to offer the best possible value with reliable and efficient service.

Our aim; is to minimize all kinds of harm that may occur to our environment, our employees, our customers, our society and anyone who may be affected by our activities.

It ensures that the MC Filter Management System is understood and applied as an integral part of company culture and business performance.

Our primary goal is to adopt customer satisfaction as the first target by applying continuous development and improvement in all units, to offer products and services in accordance with applicable conditions, and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Understanding, adopting, applying and supervising HSE standards is the primary duty of all employees.

Applicable laws, regulations and standards will be strictly complied with.

A healthy, safe and clean working environment will be provided to our employees.

All HSE risks arising from our activities will be identified, root causes will be examined and preventive measures and programs will be implemented decisively in order to reduce these risks to the lowest acceptable level. Practices will be result-oriented and will be constantly questioned and improvements will be made.

More efficient use of natural resources and reduction and recycling of wastes will be ensured.

Suggestions made by our employees on HSE will be carefully evaluated and those deemed appropriate will be implemented immediately.

Performance will be monitored in line with the determined targets and regular information flow will be provided to the public.

In HSE issues, products and services will be provided in accordance with all legal requirements and Legislation.